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Parquet/Hardwood Spoilt Issues

Say goodbye to annoying parquet/hardwood spoilt issues with new high quality vinyl flooring

Do you face parquet/hardwood flooring issues?

Parquet/Hardwood Flooring that has spoiled can lead to cracks, stains, warping, and squeaking, which not only affect the appearance of your floor but also pose potential health hazards and decrease the value of your property.


Cracks can occur for various reasons, such as water damage, old age or improper installation.


Warping occurs when the parquet tiles become bent or curved due to water damage, humidity, or temperature changes.


Stains on the parquet can result from spills, pet accidents, or water damage. Stains can be difficult to remove.

Squeaking or creaking

If you notice squeaking or creaking sounds when walking on your parquet floor, it may be a sign of damage or wear and tear or possibly even a pest infestation such as termites infestation.

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Our team of experienced professionals fixed parquet spoilt issues in Singapore quickly and efficiently, with most jobs completed in just 1 to 3 days.

Home Expo Asia Provides A Solution In 3 Simple Steps

What’s more, we require only 1 – 3 days to finish the job

Remove affected area

We first remove the affected area while practicing best practice safety measures to prevent injury and damage to other nearby furniture. 

Fix the floor

We repair the damaged floor by applying cement works on the affected area and level it. We then leave it to dry. 

Install vinyl flooring

Finally, we install vinyl flooring with the design of your choice. Voila, you have a brand new floor!

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There are various symptoms of spoiled wooden flooring. Some of them include, waves at the edges of the planks, soft foundation meaning it will sink in when you step or press on it, or bulging out of the floor at one or several spots that makes the floor uneven.

There are various possible reasons as to why wooden floors may spoil? They include termite infestations, short shelf life, susceptibility to water damage, excessive expansion and contraction and so on. It could also be due to a water leaking from the toilet that seeps through and makes its way to your wooden floor.

We approach it with a simple 3 step process.
1. Identify, demarcate and remove the affected area of the floor.
2. Make good and level the affected floor area with the rest of the floor.
3. Lay vinyl flooring over entire floor area.

No it is not possible as it will look quite weird.

Most of the time, it is not necessary to completely remove the old floor. Removal of hardwood and parquet floors are very time and labour intensive, and require a more increased scope of works to make good including cement screeding along with the self-levelling. Your time to rectify the floor issue will increase multiple fold. Also, your cost will be increased tremendously too.

From experience, most do not but there a rare few that do. These can usually be attributed to the shelf life of the wooden/parquet flooring.

When the wooden or parquet floor have popped and have bulged to the extent that you now no longer have an even floor, and it may pose a safety hazard.

Bulging parquet or wooden floors are a safety hazard and an eyesore to anyone walking around, or on it. We recommend to have your them fixed as soon as possible.