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Tiles Popping Issue

Remove your popping tiles and replace it with high quality vinyl flooring

Do you face tiles popping issue?

Tiles popping can happen in any house. Tiles popping can be due to various reasons including poor workmanship, sudden temperature fluctuations and so on.  Here are some symptoms of tiles popping that you may have.

Hollow Tile

The hollowness in the tiles is caused by air pockets stuck underneath the tiles and can cause them to flex or move more easily, which can lead to cracking or popping if there is any movement or shifting in the substrate. 

Chipped Tiles

Chipped tile refers to tiles that have a piece broken off of its surface. This may occur due to various reasons such as impact or wear and tear. Chipped tiles can be a cosmetic issue and may also affect the tile’s functionality while also posing a significant safety hazard.

Cracked Tiles

Cracked tiles refer to tiles that have developed one or more cracks on their surface. Cracks in tiles can occur due to various reasons such as impact, structural movement, or even poor installation

Exploding Tiles

Exploding tiles are very dangerous as the tile shards may shoot in all directions. If you are experiencing tiles that are exploding, head to safety immediately. Do not stand in the vicinity. If the tiles have already exploded, cover the area with cupboards boxes, do not step on them, and seek professional help immediately.

We have solved more than 100 houses tiles pop issue


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Our team of experienced professionals have fixed more than 100 tiles popping issues in Singapore quickly and efficiently, with most jobs completed in just 1 to 3 days.

Home Expo Asia Solves Your Tiles Popping Issue In 3 Simple Steps

And, we only need 1 – 3 days to finish the job

Remove affected area

We identify and remove the popped tiles with effective techniques and make sure not to affect the other areas. Improper removal, may cause a larger portion of your floor to dislodge.

Fix the floor

We make good the affected area with HDB approved cement using the right combinations of mixture to make the affected area flush with the other non-affected areas.

Install vinyl flooring

After the cement dries, we will install vinyl flooring of your design choice and quality to give your space a brand new look!

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Usually, floor tiles popping will be accompanied with a very loud sound akin to gunfire, like a crackling sound. It may feel like the building is collapsing. Recommend to evacuate the area immediately while the floor tiles are popping to avoid injury. After it has popped, there will usually be a very obvious bulge on your floor. Do not touch the affected area for your own safety.

From our experience, most floor tiles pop during the hours of midnight to 2am in the morning. However, there are those also that do pop in the day.

We approach it with a simple 3 step process.
1. Identify, demarcate and remove the affected area floor tiles
2. Make good and level the affected floor area with the rest of the floor
3. Lay vinyl flooring over entire floor area.

No it is not possible as it will look quite weird.

There is no guarantee that hollow tiles will or will not pop. Likewise, a tile may not be hollow but can still pop. Some may take months, if not years to pop. Some others do not ever pop.

You can if you want to, but it is not necessary. Some hollow tiles remain hollow for a very long time, over decades, across different buyers and home owners. You may take some measures to address some hollow tiles at a certain area, but who’s to say no other areas will start becoming hollow too. Another way to address hollow tiles is to proceed to lay vinyl flooring over the floor first to provide a layer of protection should your tiles pop.

From experience of more than 100 houses done, so far, none have popped again. However, that is not to say that none ever will.

There is no guarantee that cracked floor tiles will pop.

A good way to avoid injury from hollow tiles popping is to lay vinyl flooring above it. In the event that it does pop, the vinyl flooring layer, provides a safety layer that protects tiles shards and sharp small pieces from shooting at you and your furniture?

Sorry, we do not rectify hollow/cracked/bulging wall tiles.

When the tiles have popped and have bulged to the extent that you now no longer have an even floor, and it may pose a safety hazard.

Popped floor tiles are a safety hazard and an eyesore to anyone walking around, or on it. We recommend to have your popped floor tiles fixed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that other floor tiles will not pop. Having said that, usually, once the popped floor tiles have popped, the tension has been released.

Ready to say goodbye to popping tiles?